Sunwayman AP02 Kabelschalter für T40CS, T20CS, M20C, V20C

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·Equipped with 5 superior soft-contact switch assemblies in parallel, anyone of which can effectively conduct electricity, long service life
·The tail switch at the end of the wire which connects the light for momentary-on is 63mm in length, skin is made of high quality high tension strength silicone, which can bear big current electricity
·The connecting wire is made of high elasticity PU material with a length of 30cm in its natural state, and it can be pulled up to 100cm.
·The tail cap, connecting wire is separate, which is convenient to use and easy to replace the tail spring wire when needed
·The tail cap is made of T6 grade aluminum alloy, Military Specs. Type-III hard anodized finish; Stainless steel contact element, top grade dull polished
·Waterproof, in accordance with IPX-8
·Tail cap diameter 25.6mm, length 46.5mm
·Specially designed for -- T40CS, T20CS, M20C, V20C
·Consists of tail switch at the end of the wire, connecting wire and tail cap
·Total weight: 141g