SUNWAYFOTO Universal L-type Quick-Release Plates DPL-04

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Kategorie: Quick-Release System

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Name:Universal L-type Quick-Release Plate DPL-04
Length: 80 &110mm
Width: 50mm
Screw: 1/4"-20
Mounting hole: UNC1/4"
Colour: Black
Weight: 90g

DPL-04 universal L-type quick-release plate, Arca-swiss compatible.
Precision CNC machined from solid aircraft-grade aluminum.
DPL-04 can be widely used for a variety of traditional 135/120 SLR film cameras and digital SLR cameras, Specially built for cameras as NikonD80,D700,D7000, Canon Eos 7D,Canon1D4,5DII without battery grip and so on.

The advantages of using L-plates:
1. Using L-Plate can maximize the stability and efficiency of using the camera on the ballhead when switching the horizontal and vertical composition.
2. With the L-plate, can completely eliminates the common gross positioning shifts in changing the horizontal composition to vertical composition. and the depth of the scenes capturing in horizontal aspect will not be effected when changing the composition.

DPL-04 integrated with multi screw mounting holes allow to adjust the mounting position in several grades.

The adjustment range (from screw hole to the vertical side of the L plate) as below: DPL-01 4.0-7.6cm
DPL-02 4.1-6.3cm
DPL-03 4.0-7.6cm
DPL-04 4.0-7.6cm