SUNWAYFOTO Multi-Purpose Rails DPG-210

Artikelnummer: SWDPG210

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Kategorie: Quick-Release System

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Name:Multi-Purpose Rails DPG-210
Width: 39mm
Height: 10mm
Length: 200mm
Weight: 132g
Screw: 1/4"-20
Mounting hole: 1/4"-20
Groove length: 43mm/56mm

DPG-210 is a thin plate. Integrates single Arca-swiss standard dovetail and suit for independent use.

This Multi-Purpose Rail is made by high precise CNC machining center, and conforms to the compatible standard of Arca-swiss international universal quick-release plate. This rail can be widely used for a variety of traditional 135/120 SLR film cameras and digital SLR cameras.

The most important function of this product is that it can accurately take the lens axis as the nodal point when in panoramic photography. So that to maximize the realization of seamless panoramic shoot. At the same time, when in close-up photography, this product allows the large-scale back/front shifting adjustment. So that can reduce the moving of the tripod and make your shooting efficiently.