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Name:Ballhead DB-36
Ball Diameter: 36mm
Pan Base Diameter: 54mm
Height: 87mm
Weight: 380g
Max load: 18kg
Bottom threads: UNC3/8
Package W. : 678g


DB-36 is SUNWAYFOTO first double drop notch ballhead that with ball diameter of 36mm. All the components of DB-36 is precision constructed from light high quality aircraft aluminum and stainless steel. Very reliable corrosion resistance, adaptability and durability while exposed to the extreme weather.

SUNWAYFOTO makes the ballhead balls from ellipsoidal form into more closer to spherical form. At present, most ballheads that the Y-axis diameter of the ball is about 0.07mm longer than the X-axis in the market. The advantage of this design is to make the resistance increasing while the ball sliding to the side. So that to avoid the risk of making the ball suddenly slide down.

But SUNWAYFOTO only make the ball Y-axis diameter 0.03mm longer than the X-axis. The advantage of this change is that to make the operation more smoothly while retaining the previous advantage.

DB-36 to adopt two drop notch design. One for portrait, one for tilting. At the same time, base on many shell-destructive testings, we have strengthened the shell strength and now we can fully ensure the shell strength.

DB-36 abandons the practice of rubber ring wrapped knob, all the knobs are metal materials with CNC cutting pattern. That is, to ensure the operation smoothness, and also enhance the reliability and durability.